The CGA online learning experience has been crafted to set a strong behavioural foundation and take you and your pup on a unique training journey to create your own finished gundog.


We are here to help you train your dog. Cornerstone exists to get the best out of you as a trainer and your dog as a companion and retriever.


Our platform is built to include concise, helpful information that you can access on any connective device. Organized into distinct modules, each lesson builds on the last one to create a clear, simple path for trainers and dogs of any skill or experience level.


We will work to deliver the best known methods for dog training, in the most comprehensive way possible. Regardless of what your goals are for your retriever, we define our success by providing a reliable resource for your entire dog training journey.


Keith Parvin

“I had no idea when I bought our first Lab that it would lead us to founding Cornerstone Gundog Academy. We decided to hire a local trainer to work with our new dog for a few months, and it just didn’t work out the way we planned. Unfortunately, we realized that while our labrador would make a pet and casual duck dog, the result wasn’t what we were looking for so we started over".

Back to square one, we realized there had to be a better way to develop our gundog, and we were determined to find it. After extensive research, we concluded that there wasn’t a start-finish dog training solution, so we created CGA to fill that gap and offer it at a price dog owners could afford”

Barton Ramsey

“As a professional dog trainer, one of the most difficult tasks I’m challenged with is preparing new handlers for the day they take their dogs home. Training the trainers is arguably more important than training their dogs, since they will be in charge of both maintaining and progressing their dogs’ obedience and field capabilities.

Cornerstone Gundog Academy is a unique platform in that it provides everything a new dog owner needs to develop a puppy into a fully-trained gundog, as well as endless drill combinations to maintain and polish their dogs skills. My hope is that, through Cornerstone, more and more dog owners will experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with maximizing their dogs’ potential, and enjoying the journey from completely untrained to a finished gundog, ready to tackle any retrieve in the field.”

Josh Parvin

"As a new trainer, I remember feeling like I was staring up at Everest when it came to training dogs. I had no idea what I was doing or if it was even possible for a new trainer to complete the process of training a Gundog. Knowing that I was facing a challenge, I began, one step at a time, immersing myself in every training resource available.

As I grew more competent, and my labrador improved, I began to realize that training a dog is really an enjoyable process. Having the right knowledge enabled me to enjoy training and develop a special bond with my dog that wouldn’t have existed if he learned those same skills from another trainer. Realizing how much more I can get from dogs I’ve trained, and reflecting on my love for helping others, I co-founded CGA so that people can see similar results in their dog and have fun along the way.”