The Complete Gundog Academy is the BEST value we offer and the most popular option for members. It gives you access to all of our current content as well as future module updates! The Complete Gundog Academy includes everything you need to develop your dog into an outstanding hunting companion. 


Don't worry, we understand nobody has time to sort through a mountain of videos to find what you need to work on right now.  

We teach and model for you everything you need and nothing you don't.  Our lessons are conveniently arranged by skill level and/or topic into course modules.

Each module where necessary comes with a downloadable lesson planner and module overview so you can quickly determine what you need to work on next based upon your dogs skill level as well as where to find it in the course.


  • Success With Your New Puppy - What you need to know to get off to the right start.
  • How Your Dog Learns - How to take advantage of and practically apply the principles of learning theory.
  • Basic Disciplines of Obedience Learn and teach your dog the foundation of good behavior.
  • Retrieving Skills for Puppies and Young Gundogs Simple things to do as your puppy grows that won't create bad habits.
  • Advanced Obedience Learn and teach your dog the skills needed to transition from casual training to beginning gundog training in the field.
  • Basic Gun Dog Skills and Drills - Learn and teach your dog the foundational skills needed to make sure your dog reaches its fullest potential.
  • Intermediate Gun Dog Skills and Drills - Learn and teach the skills necessary for you and your dog to work as a team in the field
  • Advanced Gun Dog Skills and Drills - Learn and teach the skills necessary for your dog to excel in every aspect of your hunt and provide years of enjoyment sharing the blind with you.
  • Doc Talk - Solid and informed answers to some of the most often asked questions regarding your dog's health and well being.
  • Group Work - Skills and drills you can use working with a group to prepare your retriever for distractions often present when you hunt.


  • Initial Phone Consultation
  • Access to Automatic Module Updates ($50 annual update fee)
  • Access to future training
    • Polishing Your Skills as a Handler (Future Module)
    • Training Equipment and Supplies (Future Module)
    • Nutrition and Performance (Future Module)
    • Health Test and Genetics (Future Module)
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group
    • (Discuss challenges, celebrate successes and compare notes with other CGA members to help you along your path to a great waterfowl retriever.)

We will work to deliver the best-known methods for dog training, in the most comprehensive way possible. Regardless of what your goals are for you and your retriever, we define our success as an organization by providing a reliable resource for your entire dog training journey.