CGA Preview Module


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Cornerstone Gundog Academy is an online gundog training site where we teach you everything you need to know, to take your 7-week old puppy,  partly trained gundog or professionally trained gundog to finished or what we call experienced level.  

In this Preview Module, you get a welcome and video tutorial along with 5 video segments out of the 160 plus currently available in the Complete Gundog Academy.  We also included a member story as well as a video on options available for purchase.

As an added Bonus, within the module, we included a link where you can schedule an initial phone consultation with one of our instructors to get your questions answered and help you get the most out of Cornerstone Gundog Academy.

Here are the videos you will have access to in the Preview Module.

  • Welcome and Video Tutorial
  • Success With Your New Puppy - Beretta Week One at Home
  • Advanced Obedience - Hold Conditioning Part 4 "Dummy Work"
  • Basic Gundog Skills - Lining Memories
  • Intermediate Gundog Skills - Walking Baseball
  • Advanced Gundog Skills - Advancing Cold Blinds
  • Discover My Purchase Options

These segments/lessons range from beginner to more advanced gundog work. CGA videos are generally short (average 4 minutes) and to the point. Our members love the fact that they are able to access High-Quality video from their mobile device while in the field training their dog.

We hope you find these helpful and gain confidence in the content and quality of what you can expect from Cornerstone Gundog Academy.

Take some time today to explore this preview and discover how you could benefit from becoming a part of the Cornerstone Gundog Academy Community.  

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