What You Need to Know About Training Your Retriever Puppy

Resources to Empower You to Train Your Gundog Puppy

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How to Choose a Good Breeder

How to Choose a Good Breeder and Get the Right Retriever

Puppy Series 1

Use this guide to know how to choose a good breeder. Choosing the right breeder will give you peace of mind that your puppy will have the right genetics for success.

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How to Pick a Puppy from a Litter

Your Guide on How to Pick a Puppy That's Right for You

Puppy Series 2 

Knowing how to pick a puppy from a litter will help you get the right puppy for your family that will become the retriever you hope for.

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New Puppy Tips

Preparing for a New Puppy: Everything You Need to Know

Puppy Series 3

Puppy pick up day is one of the most exciting days. Read on to get puppy tips and be fully prepared for the day you get to bring home your new pup.

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What to do when you first get a new puppy

What to Do When You First Get a New Puppy                

Puppy Series 4

Gun dog puppy training starts the day you first bring your puppy home. Know what to do and what supplies you need to train your pup the right way starting on Day 1.

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First Night with new puppy

Your Secret Weapon: Crate Training Your Puppy the Right Way

Puppy Series 5

Your first night with your new puppy is the time to start crate training. Crate training the right way will bring a lot of peace into your home. You don't want to miss this!

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how to teach a puppy not to bite

What to Do with Your Puppy Biting, Barking, and Jumping

Puppy Series 6

Your puppy will come with some behaviors you may not love. You need to know how to teach a puppy not to bite, bark, and jump, so that everyone can love your pup as much as you do.

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basic retriever training

Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes with Retriever Puppy Training

Puppy Series 7

Avoiding these mistakes with your basic retriever training will make your training faster and more fun because you won't have to retrain bad behavior. 

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how long you should train your dog each day

How Often Should I Train My Dog                                         

CGA Training Fundamentals

The amount of time and how frequently you train your dog matters. How many days a week and how long you should train your dog each day you train is probably a lot less than you think.

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how your dog learns

Four Phases of Learning: Know These Before Training Your Dog

CGA Training Fundamentals

When you understand how your dog learns, training makes so much more sense. You can enjoy training your dog and feel confident you know where your dog is in training.

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Puppy Runs Away From Me

How to Stop My Dog From Playing Keep Away                       

CGA Training Fundamentals

What should I do when my puppy runs away from me? Handling this scenario is something all new retriever owners face. Handling this well with make training significantly smoother. 

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Dog Retrieving Toys

The Best Toys for Your Gundog Puppy: The Answer May Surprise You

CGA Training Fundamentals

What your puppy does with dog retrieving toys during non-training times has a huge impact on what your dog will do during training and hunting.

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Puppy Barking

3 Keys to a Quiet Pup: How to get Your Puppy to Stop Barking

CGA Training Fundamentals

When your puppy is barking incessantly, you may have second thoughts about it. Read on to see how to handle your puppy barking so that you can have long term peace in your home. 

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New Puppy Owner Workshop To Help You Know What To Do!

Whether you already have your puppy or you are about to get one soon, You can improve your odds of success by following timely and proven advice.  Check out our complimentary online introduction to puppy ownership workshop.  We produced it for new puppy owners just like you so you can feel confident knowing what to do.

Session 1: ✅ Success In The Home- Do the right things while avoiding MAJOR mistakes 

Session 2: ✅ Building a Bond & First Steps for Training

Session 3: ✅ Overcoming challenges the Right way