Are you and your dog in a training "rip-current?"

Aug 31, 2018

Are you and your dog in a training “rip-current?”

If you’ve been to the beach, then you’ve probably walked past the rip-current warning signs. You don’t think much about them until your actually caught in one.

What is really crazy about a rip-current is that if you’re caught in one, you may not even realize it until your tired of swimming. If you swim against it, then you are doomed to swim until exhaustion sets in, and you have nothing left to give. If you recognize it early on, you can take immediate action and swim with the current (not against it) to safety.

A lot of times training your dog can be very similar. You are training and working hard and making progress. Then all of a sudden... It’s like you’ve hit a wall. You can’t seen to make any headway, and you start to become exhausted trying to make progress.


If this is you, then keep reading to learn what steps you can take that will allow you to get out of the...

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How To Handle Fireworks with Your Retriever This Fourth of July

Jun 29, 2018



We hope that you have a great time celebrating this year’s Independence Day with great friends or family.  We also know that a lot of Fourth of July celebrations involve FIREWORKS, which can be very fun for you but can also cause a ton of issues for your dogs!



Unnatural noises, loud noises, and surprising noises can cause noise-sensitivity for any young dog.  Common sounds to cause noise sensitive are;  a thunderstorm, vacuum cleaner, blender, fireworks, etc. While noise-sensitivity does not NECESSARILY mean your dog will be gun-shy, fireworks are a sound that closely resembles gunfire.

If your dog has not been formally introduced to gunfire, as outlined in the Gunfire Introduction video in our Gundog Academy, then he is at risk.  Gun-shy tendencies can be very hard to correct, and an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure.  Even if your dog is older and has been introduced to gunfire,...

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Four Phases of Learning: Know These Before Training Your Dog

Jan 09, 2017

What age should my dog be learning each skill?

My dog performs this skill perfectly at home, but it's like he knows nothing when I go to a new spot. What do I do?

My dog was amazing at the trainer, but now, she acts like she doesn't know how to retrieve.

How do I know when my dog is ready to move on to the next skill?

You may be asking yourself some of these questions. Surprisingly, your dog doesn't need to learn a specific skill by a specific age. It needs to learn according to the 4 Phases of Learning. Think of these as dog training stages. These stages of learning will also answer questions on why your pup may do well in one place but not in another place. 

4 Phases of Learning

One of the key things we have learned since we began dog training is understanding what phase of learning our dog is in. To be able to retrieve in any scenario, your dog will need to go through each phase with each skill. Knowing what phase our dog is in connects us with the dog...

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